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Weekly at Armenian Dating Site's review by
Date 2010-12-15 | Views  22437

Do you dream of dating a Kardashian? That probably won't happen in this lifetime, but you can get pretty darn close with a new online dating site made just for Armenians.

The home page features a beautiful woman with glitter falling around her. The tones of this image subtly match the color scheme of the webpage, black and dark gray with modern pink and blue accents. These colors make it clear that the website is designed for both men and women in a way that people will understand at first glance. Further, the first and most apparent part of the site is a menu allowing you to choose your own gender and the gender you are seeking. The site has a function that automatically figures out your location, although in our case it was off by about 100 miles.

This website is clearly not just about connecting Armenian couples, but about educating them as well. Articles about Armenian culture explain different traditions related to romance, weddings, and family. According to the website this is meant to be a social networking site as well as a dating one, but romance is clearly the objective.

A menu at the bottom of every page makes it easy to find what you need here. Further, there are tabs on the front page with links to other important but less popular information such as the site's security policy...

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